A Souk is traditionally an open space where people put aside their differences to exchange goods and information. Our Souk is a space where we openly gather and put away all feelings of intimidation and judgment. Our Souk is a place where we can open up further, where we can become more vulnerable but also more fearless. Yoga at our Souk is a physical practice as much as it is a spiritual one. It’s a practice that brings about serenity, clarity, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as self-confidence. YOGA SOUK is a safe and uplifting space we co-create together, a place far away from the chaos we live in. When our mats align, there is a sacred geometry that binds us. Collectively we become YOGA SOUK.

One of the distinctive aspects of YOGA SOUK is lineage. Our intimate team of teachers (a thoughtful blend of local & international flair) are rooted in one of two lineages – Jivamukti Yoga & Ashtanga Yoga. Our teachers are certified by the methods/systems that they teach & practice and are committed to work with our students, guiding them along the way day after day, posture by posture. Our teachers view each student as unique with the undeniable possibility to reach their highest potential through practice.