YogaSouk Community Fund

Introducing YogaSouk Community Fund

Yoga Souk would like to share with you that we have started our own community fund, towards supporting our fellow yogis in continuing their practice of yoga.

Having reluctantly raised our rates in light of the crippling inflation, to maintain the standards which you are accustomed to at our studio, Yoga Souk came up with an initiative that will allow all of us to continue practicing yoga. As a community of yogis, we believe in together-hood and the power of individuals helping each other, so we started a YoSo Community Fund. Those of us who can afford it can contribute towards this fund, allowing others who are more affected by the crisis to remain with us. This fund is from the community, for the community.

No matter the circumstances, yoga practice is a lifestyle and ought not be interrupted. Given its innumerable benefits in contributing to our well-being and balanced state of mind, we must keep it integrated in our daily lives. In this time and age, lack of resources shouldn’t be a barrier to practicing that which makes us happy and in good health.

We want to keep practicing what we love and leave no one behind.

The contributors to this fund will be kept informed of how the fund is being put to use.

A report will be sent out detailing the incoming donated amounts and consequently how many sessions and beneficiaries were covered by those amounts during a certain time-frame.

YogaSouk Family