Jivamukti Yoga w/Yogeswari

Friday, March 31:
– Jivamukti Class: Jivamukti Yoga is a vigorous yoga practice that increases your strength, balance, flexibility, and vitality. We breathe, we chant, we listen to inspiring music, we move our bodies intelligently to rhythm. By finding an outer rhythm, we connect to our divine inner rhythm.
An Open class presents classical yoga teachings as relevant to one’s life on and off the mat, drawn from a monthly theme, supported by chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assists, relaxation and meditation.

Saturday, April 1:
– Extended Jivamukti Open Class: Immerse yourself in a dance-like Vinyasa Practice, accompanied by Hip Indian beats, World Music and Sanskrit mantras. A specific Asana focus leads the practice, to challenge you physically and mentally, concluding with a deep relaxation and meditation practice. The spiritual teachings, woven throughout the class, are inspired by the current Jivamukti Focus of the Month. They reveal a strong relationship between ancient Yogic teachings, what is happening in the present moment on the mat, and concerns pertaining to relationships and experiences in modern, daily life.

– The Art of Vinyasa Krama I: Theory and Practice I, Ujjayi Breath, Surya Namaskar + Vinyasa Practice on Forward Bends & Hip Openers Vinyasa is commonly known as a vague concept of “Flow Yoga.” In this workshop, we will go more deeply into the esoteric meaning of Vinyasa Krama, and how to execute it with precision, both on the mat and in life.
Hip Openers allow us to cleanse relationships that keep us in an obsessive and unstable place, so that we can allow the energy to move into higher levels of consciousness. Focus is on mobility in the hip joint, as well as working length with breath in forward bends. Spiritual teachings will be drawn from the Jivamukti Focus of the Month.

Sunday April 2:
– Inversion Practical: The origins and context that lead to the creation of Jivamukti Yoga will be discussed, as well as its principal objectives and components. Asanas will focus on inversions.
Inversions permit us to see the world upside down, thus developing greater tolerance and enhancing the breadth of our perception. The centers of higher consciousness are stimulated, and through a complete reversal of gravity, stagnant physiological processes are activated and rejuvenated.

– The Art of Vinyasa Krama II: Theory and Practice II, Standing Pose Sequences + Vinyasa Practice focusing on Backbends
Vinyasa is commonly known as a vague concept of “Flow Yoga.” In this workshop, we will go more deeply into the esoteric meaning of Vinyasa Krama, and how to execute it with precision, both on the mat and in life.
Backbends are an age-old recipe for letting go of muscular contractions and emotional hardening in the heart region. This unleashes the discovery of an unlimited potential for physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.

– Satsang/Kirtan: The group of people that makes up a community are considered its satsang. Satsang is an opportunity for us to sit with like-minded people, engage in similar practices, and enjoy a collective positive experience. During satsang, we often chant, discuss, share.
“Kirtan is for all people. There are no masters of kirtan, no experts, no teachers, no advanced students, no beginners. The practice itself is the teacher, guiding us to ourselves. Kirtan teaches itself by allowing us to enter into a mystery world — a world where all the logic of our minds, all the conditioning and learning are left outside — and we allow ourselves to expand into the mystery. We sing together and each person has a totally unique, individual experience. Yet by singing together we give strength, safety and passion to each other, and give ourselves permission to sing and dance freely, releasing and expressing through our voices and bodies.” Jai Uttal

Monday April 3:
– Benefit Evening class for Azahar Foundation: A unique Jivamukti Yoga class, by Yogeswari, on the basis of donation for her AZAHAR Foundation. Expect an ‘open class level’ Vinyasa Jivamukti class, in Yogeswari Jivamukti style.

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