Life Mapping Workshop






For the first time in Lebanon
in Collaboration with Maria Pamoukian

Life Mapping is a workshop developed for personal growth connecting desires with goals. It is reflecting back on the past and a projection forward towards your desired future.

A workshop based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching methods where Certified Life Coach Ms.Rosa Maria Kallas will be guiding you to let go of past regrets, reveal personal desires and align yourself with your future vision.

Join us and take part of this enriching experience, a full day immersion of self discovery from 12:30 pm to 7:45 pm on Sunday the 13th of January.

Maria Pamoukian will be delivering the breath-work and yoga session during this day, a potluck lunch and refreshment breaks will be included, email us for the full outline.

If you would like to purchase this workshop for a loved one in this blessed season, Christmas gift cards are available and all registrations will be closed by January the 10th [Workshop is exclusive to 15 participants only.]

FEES: $120
Fees include full day workshop and ongoing online support for three months as part of the Life Mapping Closed Facebook Group facilitated by Life Coach Rosa Maria Kallas.

Every moment is a new possibility!

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