Sound Healing Journey

Sound Healing Journey With Fadi&Sophia
Sunday 6 January 2019
from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Fees : 25$
Call us to book your spot on 81/608607
You are invited to experience a sound healing journey to absorb the therapeutic sounds, energies, frequencies and vibrations during the New Moon Solar Eclipse on January 6th.
A sound bath is an inner journey,treating sound in a unique and sacred way where you become both the receiver and participant of your own healing process. This vibrational medicine creates a pathway to a place of stillness and relaxation, which then begins to move through areas of blockage.
Sophia and Fadi (Didj Dojo) will be creating a sound experience, weaving together different vibrations and sounds of didgeridoo, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, gongs, rattle, chime, bell and tingsha to allow you to relax and release into a divine soundscape that will take you on a journey into the self to realign, bringing the body and spirit into harmony and balance. They will use the lunar energies to amplify deep transformation and release all that no longer serves us.

About Fadi :
Fadi has been playing the didjiridoo since 2004. It is the most ancient wind instrument known to man, as well as a powerful tool that can help lift an individual’s vibrations to a less chaotic and natural rhythm.
About Sophia :
Sophia facilitates healing sessions using the stimulus of sound, frequency, vibrations and energy to help unblock past experiences or memories to move through the body to achieve balance and harmony once again, using a blend of Tibetan & crystal bowls, handheld gong, drum, rattle, bell and voice according to the need of the person.

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