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Bhakti is the Yoga of devotion, it has Come to be known as “love for love’s sake”, a devotional approach of pure love and compassion, it is the second of the Four Paths of Yoga, and it is a path of self-realisation and an experience of oneness with everything.

So how does this hippie dippy talk translate to your masterclass with me?

  1. We start the practise with a 30 minute kirtan, chanting mantras accompanied by the harmonium and a tabla, where you are encouraged to let loose of your voice (throat chakra), not giving a fuck about whether you sound pitch perfect or not. You will feel amazing!
  2. We will stand up and dance to the sound of the very mantra we sang, letting go of inhibitions or the desire to be good at what we do.
  3. We flow for 60 mins. A vigorous vinyasa flow, starting with sun salutations and adding on funky variations with arm balances and inversions.
  4. We take a 20 mins break to break down arm balances and inversions and give the chance to ask questions and experience different entry points to the same pose.
  5. We finish with a cooling down sequence for 20 mins
  6. We finish with a 10 mins savasana followed by a closing mantra.

Very simply, Bhakti gives any yoga tradition a different dimension. You are encouraged to surrender to the practise and explore the idea of discovering what “love” means to you through whatever process you believe in, whether be it brought asking guidance from the universe or seeking to  burn the fire within through the challenge of a physically demanding practice that calls upon inversions and arm balances.

It’s a fun flow, a bit like a party, starting with chanting, clapping and expression love through song, followed by flowing into an intermediate creative Jivamukti inspired flow with plenty of inversions and arm balances, intercepted by moments of pausing into meditation.

It is a yoga class taught from a place of love inside me and invites people to practise from a place within themselves that strikes their heart with beauty and inspires them to just feel the love…

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