Principles of Backbending: A Heart Opening Workshop

Saturday November 3, 2018: 

04:00 pm – 06:30 pm: Principles of Backbending : What muscles to engage and relax in this heart opening workshop


When we practice backbends we move into the future. The ease with which we can do that is revealed by how willing we are to forgive others who have hurt us.  The tightness, fear and pain we encounter in backbending comes from past karmas which involve these others, we are holding onto resentment, blame and anger, unwilling to let go. Backbending helps us resolve the causes of our fear of the future, so we can move forward into the unkown with grace and freedom not only by relieving tightness in the thighs, abdomen, chest, throat and face, but also by relieving related fears and other negative emotions that we can hold on to.

In this workshop, you will experience a big heart opening that will move through deepening backbends, flexibility in the spine, opening the shoulders, the hips flexors and the whole spine.


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