Yoga Journey with Esther









Take the step and sign up for our 4 week course to develop your Yoga Journey!
4 weeks, 8 classes to be taken after each other to take your practice from scratch to a whole new level.
We have designed this 4-Week “Yoga Journey” Class, to give your practice a boost with 2 classes
per week with Esther. Coming twice a week at a time that is convenient for busy people will ensure
you start building up a routine that can take off to new limits. You will develop strengths, flexibility,
and surely notice a change in mood.

The course is suitable for beginners, those looking to step into the basics, and even students who
have taken a long break from the practice.
The classes are designed to be taken in progressive order – so you can track your progress with it.
We know how hard it is to make time for yourself – Once you will notice the differences in your body
& energy your Yoga routine will be coming naturally. Until then we have your back

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