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Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional yoga method transmited by Shri.K.Pattabhi Jois in the 20th Century in Mysore, India. It has been passed down through generations from teachers to students throughout the years.

The traditional way of teaching Ashtanga Yoga is the “Mysore Style”. It takes place in a group setting allowing the flow of energy and sense of community to take place. Students are given one on one guidance and adjustments with the teacher on the Ashtanga series where they experience the link of breath with every movement.

Ashtanga Yoga, has many benefits such as building strengths, flexibility and a quiet mind. The best part, is that it is open to all levels providing a safe environment to explore with the guidance of an experienced teacher.

Mauricio Bio: He was born in México, city in 1972. He started studying yoga in 1997 focused in the inner explorative nature of yoga philosophy and meditation practices. The practice of Hatha yoga oriented to meditation helped him to heal the consequences of an ignored childhood broken coccyx, which kept the lumbar region with pain and restricted mobility.

Meanwhile working as a graphic designer for 10 years, in 2003 he discovered the meditation in movement of the Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga system.  After several years of sustained practice and studies he realized that Ashtanga yoga should be share as a life long practice, not like a race for postures or series.

He thinks that all difficult asanas and vinyasas are just an excuse to remind us how to get back to the love and calmness that abide inside us, in despite of any external situation.

Since 2005 he has moved 11 times to Mysore India till 2017 to continue his studies at  KPJAYI  (K. Pattabhi Jois ashtanga yoga Institute) he got the blessing in 2010 to teach primary and full intermediate. Since then he has been teaching and setting mysore programs in different parts of the world like Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile, Austria, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Slovakia, Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic, Philipines, Nepal and now Lebanon.

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