Yoga Sutra Beyond ASANA

Over the years yoga has become synonymous with āsana, or physical postures. But āsana is only one limb of an eight limb system.

In this short course, we will be looking closely at the first codified yoga text, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and discussing key philosophical points within a modern yoga context, looking to answer questions like: What is yoga really? What its purpose? How does one practice yoga? Where will this practice take us? And through our exploration, discovering that this ancient text is a rich and practical guide for modern day living.

Our first session will be about understanding the significance of the Yoga Sutras as a body of work and it’s importance to yoga practitioners. Over the following sessions we will be looking at particular sutras, looking at various translations of the Sanskrit in order to discover how each sutra, or aphorism, expands, each conveying gems of wisdom.

Like the physical practice, studying the Yoga Sutras can be a rich and surprising journey.

Whether you are a regular practitioner or a beginner, this course will help you build a good foundation in which to build a deeper understanding of yoga.

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